The Hardest Thing
you are going to do
in Life is BE an

Having Mentors and a Framework
will be Critical to Guiding YOUR Success

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Discover Your Genius Self

We each have a natural path to abundant wealth and health (Whealth), and when we follow this path...we find our flow.  By knowing your genius type you will discover your natural way to earn, to learn, to lead, to live and to love.  When you are in flow, you do the things you are best at and that bring you the most joy on your Journey of Success!

Adeo Ressi Founder and CEO

Big Al, Congratulations you scored in the top 25% of worldwide applicants.

The Founder Institute Predictive Admissions Test has been developed with leading social scientists over the last 5 years to identify Entrepreneurial Personality Traits and to predict the chances that someone can become a successful entrepreneur. I am happy to report that you scored in the 75th percentile of over 15,000 applicants across the globe which is extraordinary.


The very first steps to finding your flow and genius type is to know who you are, where you are presently and where you are going. Everyone is different, with different strengths and weaknesses, and winning formulas.  To discover your own personal genius type, click the button below...and get started today!


Pre-flight Plan Checklist

Airline pilots would not dream of taking off, without completing their Pre-flight Checklist. This isn't something that happens once in a while.  It's something that happens every single flight, without fail.  Most loss of wealth comes from carelessness, where we stray from our desired path.  The purpose of the pre-flight checklist is to keep you on your path and purpose. 

It is easy to get lost in the challenges, distractions and new opportunities that come up.  The pre-flight checklist is a powerful tool in helping you maintain momentum and stay on track to your path to whealth. 


Your Flight Plan - Deciding on a Destination

The Flight Plan is an Assessment tool that looks at who you are as a person or business (your strengths and weaknesses), where you are on the wealth spectrum and where you want to be. When you have a clear vision and know your destination intimately, you can set a flight path with clear milestones to reach.  Each milestone you reach...brings you one step closer to Living Life Abundantly Whealthy!  

And when you find your flow, you become unstoppable!


Mentoring - With A Wealth Dynamics Consultant

When you know what type of genius you are and have uncovered your personal profile, it's time to debrief with your Wealth Dynamics Mentor.  We are here to help you Think entrepreneurially, Master your genius and Be authentically you!

Together we set a plan to take monthly steps towards reaching your goals.  A change in wealth doesn't begin with the flow of money.  It starts with the flow of your time.  We help you create a rhythm of time that supports success versus feeling overwhelmed.  You will learn how to set up a self-correcting system to keep you on course to Live Life Whealthy!   

'You are WHO you meet, WHAT you read and HOW you think" ~ Big Al Connolly 

Think Entrepreneurially

Alex Charfen


Entrepreneurial Personality Type

Master Your Genius

Roger Hamilton


Entrepreneurs Institute

Be Authentically You

Big Al Connolly



Thank You Allan

Nabo - The Social Network for your suburb. We could not have had the success in Western Australia that we have had without your involvement. 

Erin BurgessEngagement Officer

Staying on Track

Even when you have found your mentor, the flight to your destination will constantly be veering off course.   We can't predict all the external conditions and challenges we may face.  Just like an autopilot, your Whealth Academy Mentor will help you make the right adjustments to get you back on course to the pathway to success!

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