Why Hire an Entrepreneur
to be Your Mentor?

​Because......... They are highly independent, and you can bring them into your business as consultants on a short-term basis to help develop new products or solve critical problems and with no loss of control or equity.

Choose which TYPES of Entrepreneur to Hire.

Have your entrepreneur complete a Wealth Dynamics personality profile and present you with a 37-page report. Profiles are the gate way to a more productive state called ‘flow’. Flow can be thought of as the path of least resistance, where entrepreneurs add the most value and get the most done.

Entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly valued as a skill in the economy of the new millennium.

  • Understands the Big Picture:
    Entrepreneurs understand every aspect of a business including raising capital, managing budgets, creating benchmarks and measurements, and marketing and promotions. They understand the difference between revenue and profit. They understand how their decisions regarding investments, capital expenditures, and cash flow affect the business short term and long term. Why? Because they’re accustomed to wearing many hats. Every role within the organization is often filled by the business owner themselves. If they fail to produce results, they don’t have to look very far to figure out what needs to change.
  • Is An Action Taker: 
    Empowering themselves an entrepreneur does not wait until all the ducks are lined up in a row, they put their “ACT into MOTION and create ACTION” immediately then make minor adjustments along the way to reach the goal….. In that way, even if they fall a little short by the deadline, they are so much closer than to have never started at all.
  • Loves To Business Network. 
    It would be hard to find anyone who networks quite like an entrepreneur as they are great connectors. An established entrepreneur is already likely to be a member of many groups and networks and make great ambassadors for your product or service offering and to grow your social capital.
  • Know The Money Is In The List. 
    People buy from people they like and know, Right? So it would stand to reason that a strategy of cross pollinating your customer database with your Entrepreneurs is going to benefit you both and keep the customer satisfied. It is 10 times easier to sell to existing customers as it is to generate new ones. If you be honest with yourself, do you really spend enough time keeping your existing customers happy?
  • Works The Pareto Principle. 
    Entrepreneurs know that in general, 20% of your customers represent 80% of your sales. And 20% of your time produces 80% of your results. And so on. The Pareto Principle, or “80/20 Rule” as it is frequently called today, is an incredible tool for growing your business. For instance, if you can figure out which 20% of your time produces 80% of your business’ results, you can spend more time on those activities and let your Entrepreneur start working on improving the rest.


While Entrepreneurs do not always get it right and don't personally know your business, small doses of entrepreneurial thinking across critical projects can dramatically expand your options without a big cost or commitment. They are usually well connected and can introduce you to people and organisations that you can continue to develop, long after any short or long term contract expires.

Big Al Connolly Logo We start with a valuable self-assessment test where you will get absolute clarity on Who You Are. Take the Test below Then other assessments for, Where you are www.Wealth Dynamics Spectrum Test Where you want to go www.Growing Your Flow Playbook How you’re going to get there www.Your FlightPath Playbook These outcomes become your Business Exit Strategy or your Freedom Game Plan. Are you an Entrepreneurial Thinker? Find Out for FREE! www.entrepreneurstest.com

“You are WHO you meet, WHAT you read and HOW you think”

Meet Allan ‘Big Al’ Connolly
Allan has been voted as one of the Most Influential in Perth’s small business community for the last three years in succession.

He has appeared on Sunrise, Today Tonight and is regularly invited to conventions and seminars. He is a prolific networker & connector for hire.

Being a change leader & ambassador for economic, business & community development has allowed him to engage with government, corporate, schools, not-for-profits as well as the community at large.​

Can You Handle MORE Business?

Al can make connections for you, where previously you may have had little or no success. Get connected, no matter what you need.

- More Leads - Better Conversion

- Inspiration - Collaboration

- Innovation - An Ambassador

- A Mentor - An Entrepreneur

Founder/Managing Consultant

Buyerdirect Group - Whealth Group


Controlled Marketing, Scarborough Toyota, BankWest, JMG Marketing, Optus Mobile, Graffiti Coatings, Western Power, CPM, Diners Club, Checkpoint Meto, Palm


Award Winning Contractor/State Manager - increasing sales 100%, 3 times winner Nifnex 100 most influential in small business, Top 25% global applicant to Founder Institute entrepreneurial success program.