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G’day and Welcome

From Perth, Western Australia

We have all had the feeling where nothing seems to go to plan, everything feels like hard work and life is an endless struggle. We have also all had the feeling where we are on top of the world, luck is on our side and life is a breeze. This is Flow.

We can all access flow, like accessing the reception of a radio station, but most of us stumble across flow accidentally, instead of tuning in to it deliberately.

The very first steps to flow are knowing;

  • Who you are
  • Where You are
  • Where your going

Who Am I?
My name is Allan Connolly a.k.a. Big Al, an Award Winning, Entrepreneurial Thinking, Lancashire Lad, who is a Dynamo Genius with a Creator Profile.

I had my first entrepreneurial experience when I was just 8 years old and turned my home made billie cart into a baggage trolley.  I met the hoardes of visitors coming to Blackpool for a holiday, offering to take them and their luggage on a guided tour on the way to their accommodation, and in return they gave me their loose change (and the occasional note or two).

Big Al Connolly, three times winner of Nifnex 100 most influential in business is the Founder of The Whealth Group of Companies and Entrepreneursville brand.  Promoter of the Nifnex Success Academy, The Nabo Social Network, City Mayor of Entrepreneur Cafe – Perth and Partner/Accredited Wealth Dynamics Flow and Performance Consultant at the Entrepreneurs Institute.

How can I help you?
We have a number of initiatives under way and in further development based around mentoring you in Business and Life Skills that will guide you step by step from where you are NOW to where you want to BE.

Knowing Your Genius is a great way to prepare for your Pre-Flight Checklist and You can then choose whether you continue on your journey under your own steam, or whether you join one of our powerful mentoring groups at Entrepreneursville.

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Allan ‘Big Al’ Connolly
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