Generate Thousands of Extra Dollars Profit By Hiring A Senior BusinessDevelopment Officer And Saving Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In Cash Flow By Sharing The Costs!

In today’s economic environment it is hard to justify the cost of hiring and then inducting a Senior Business Development Officer into your culture. As you probably already know it runs to 10’s of 000’s of Dollars before you begin to see a return on your investment.

What if an opportunity came along to pool your resources with up to 3 other non-competing, complimentary or existing client organisation’s and that you had complete confidence and a written guarantee that the time, money and energy you put into your investment was going to generate a considerable return?

Hi, I'm Allan Connolly, an Entrepreneur with a dynamo energy, creator profile and affectionately known as Big Al in business circles for his Big Thinking, Big Heart and Better Community outcomes.

I am a leader of influence in the business community who has been nominated and awarded for three years in succession, the Nifnex 100 most influential in small business Award.  

My interests lie in economic development within business and residential communities and I'm associated with a number of organisations including Nabo - The Social Network, Nifnex Success Academy, Entrepreneur Café and the Entrepreneurs Institute.

As your Syndicated Business Development Officer, I will work to improve your organisation’s market position and achieve financial growth; help define your long-term organisational strategic goals, build key customer relationships, identify business opportunities, negotiate and close business deals and maintain extensive knowledge of current market conditions.

I will work with your internal team, marketing staff, and other managers to increase sales opportunities and thereby maximise revenue for your organisation. To achieve this, I will find potential new customers, present your organisation to them,assist in converting them into clients, and continue to grow your business into the future.

I will also help manage existing clients and ensure they stay satisfied and positiveand make presentations on solutions and services that meet or predict your clients’future needs.

This is an incredible opportunity to work together at a fraction of the normal cost.

I look forward to your early reply in the first instance and as I only work withorganisation’s that are committed to collaboration and innovation I look forward tomeeting and discussing the opportunity further.

Kind Regards

Allan ‘Big Al” Connolly - 0411 468 337

​Entrepreneur | Syndicator | Collaborator | Mentor in

​Business, Personal and Community Development