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What makes an Entrepreneur?

Researchers have often speculated on what makes an Entrepreneur versus a ‘follower’.  Do they have a unique DNA?  Studies have shown that Entrepreneurs possess certain characteristics, habits and behaviors.  For example: 

  • Willingness to take risks – they have the ability to take a leap of faith with their ideas, knowing there is no safety net.
  • Persistent – they overcome obstacles, deflect the naysayers and keep moving towards their goals.
  • Flexible – to change, they experiment and pivot until they have a viable product or service that hits the mark.
  • Innovative – they thrive on innovation and being creative.
  • Determined – to succeed and will work long hours to get traction with their business.
  • Disciplined – they show up, set their own hours and have a ticking clock in their head reminding them of the ‘next step’
  • Self-motivated – they have an inner drive that helps them succeed.
  • Visionary – they have the vision when others don’t and believe in their ideas.
  • Tenacious – they keep the faith to keep going when things don’t work as planned or it takes longer to reach their goals. They have the tenacity to stick with it!
  • Confident – they have a healthy self-confidence about their skills and abilities, knowing they can get the job done!
  • Eagerness – to learn new things that stretch their boundaries and grow their skills.
  • Passionate – about what they do and when in ‘flow’ everything comes together.

Of course, none of us are only one thing.  And not everyone that wants to be an entrepreneur succeeds.  

Wantrepreneurs versus Entrepreneurs

There are many ‘wantrepreneurs’ out there who miss the mark, they make excuses and don’t have the determination or persistence to push themselves to the finish line.  They would like to be an Entrepreneur, but the goal is usually all about the ‘money’.  Expecting instant success and wealth, when it takes time to build a solid foundation for growth.

Successful entrepreneurs take action and ‘walk the talk’, they do what they say they will.  

The “Entrepreneurial Core” is what makes all of us an Entrepreneur. It’s what is inside us, what makes us want to change the world and fix it’s problems. Some times the core can be fractured. A “Fractured Core” is caused from psychological pain we face as Entrepreneurs, whether it’s from our personal life or professional. Fractures can always be healed. ~ Andrew O’Brien

No one said being an Entrepreneur is easy.  Those that have been at it long enough know it takes a lot of hard work, sheer grit and determination. It’s also about knowing your key strengths and weaknesses and delegating what you’re not so good at to others.  So you can focus on your business and the things you are most passionate about.

There is a ‘sweet spot’ where you find your natural flow to wealth creation.  You know when you’ve reached it because the money starts rolling in and you love what you’re doing.

When first starting out, it can be confusing figuring out how to get to that point.  

How Profiling can help you discover your natural flow…to wealth creation

A lot of work has been done over time on profiling the types of entrepreneurs who succeed and modelling the same steps they took to become successful. Roger Hamilton, for example created the ‘Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics’ profiling system.  It looks at Entrepreneurs and what they are naturally good at and categorizes entrepreneurial thinkers into 4 Genius types. He discovered that each Entrepreneur has a natural way to earn, to learn, to lead, to live and to love. 

Do you want to find out what type of ‘Genius’ you are?   Take the test now…

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